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Thursday Technique Tips – Aqua Painter

Aqua Painter  – A Easy To Use Tool!


Aqua Painters


No need for a brush and cup–Aqua Painters (#103954) hold liquid for easy watercolouring.

Use with Watercolour Paper (#122959) or Shimmery White Cardstock (#101910) and Classic Stampin’ Ink.

* 2 painters: 1 medium brush tip, 1 large brush tip
* Reservoir in painter holds 8 cc of liquid

You can blend colours and make them as light as you want or as dark as you want – just like you used to paint when you were a kid! And…if you hate licking envelopes, use your Aqua Painter for a no-mess way to close all those envelopes (like at Christmas time!) in half the time and with no bad taste in your mouth!


Click here to order "On Line"

Click here to order “On Line”







Big Shot Will Cut These Materials

“Big Shot” – Look At What You Can Cut With a Big Shot!




Do you know that the Big Shot (#113439) can cut and / or emboss on many products besides paper or card stock?

As a general rule, if you can cut a material using your Craft & Paper Scissors, you can cut it with your Big Shot machine and its’ dies.

The following materials will work well when creating die cuts with the Big Shot machine and its’ dies.  Please note the maximum thickness shown for several materials.



  1. Faux alligator textured paper
  2. Self-adhesive glitter paper
  3. Fabric
  4. Canvas
  5. Iron-on fabric
  6. Soft plush fabric
  7. Burlap
  8. Velvet
  9. Corduroy
  10. Lace
  11. Heavyweight denim
  12. Terry cloth
  13. Funky fur
  14. Thin leather
  15. Quilt batting
  16. Warm & natural batting
  17. Fusible fleece
  18. Self-adhesive craft metal
  19. Self-adhesive cork
  20. Self-adhesive foam
  21. Self-adhesive magnet
  22. Self-adhesive felt
  23. Adhesive and non-adhesive rubber
  24. Pop up sponge
  25. Poly foam
  26. 100% pure beeswax (cut with parchment paper on top & bottom of beeswax
  27. Thick corkboard
  28. Thick chipboard (59 mil)
  29. Colored magnet
  30. Ruffle board
  31. Paper wood
  32. Balsa wood (3/32″)
  33. Bass wood (1/16″)
  34. Metal mesh
  35. Aluminum (.016)
  36. Tin (.008)
  37. Adhesive and non-adhesive mat board
  38. Drawer liner
  39. Shelf liner
  40. Vinyl
  41. Static cling vinyl
  42. Shrink film
  43. Fine sandpaper
  44. Clear acetate (20 mil)
  45. Vellum
  46. Card stock
  47. Patterned paper
  48. Flocked paper
  49. Contact paper
  50. Textured paper
  51. Metallic paper
  52. Linen paper
  53. Suede paper
  54. Embossed metallic paper
  55. Basketball embossed paper

Please let me know if you have any products to add to this list!

Click here to order "On Line"

Click here to order “On Line”

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