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Anniversary Shadow Box

Happy 40th Anniversary!


We are honored to be able to celebrate such a special Wedding Anniversary with my cousin and her hubby and with my brother and his wife!  Yes, 40 years ago we attended my cousin’s wedding in Alberta then drove across Canada, with our 2 year old son, to celebrate my brother’s wedding in Ontario – what a busy summer!  We’ve enjoyed many celebrations with these lovely couples and hope to share many more!

In the past, my cousin & I have made Shadow Box Inserts for each season to I thought this would be a very suitable gift for them:

2015-07-19 13.06.40


And here’s the Curvy Keepsake Boxes I made for my brother and his wife to display in the niche at the end of the hall in their new home:

2015-07-19 13.08.05


Click here to order "On Line"

Click here to order “On Line”

Thursday Technique Tips – Aqua Painter

Aqua Painter  – A Easy To Use Tool!


Aqua Painters


No need for a brush and cup–Aqua Painters (#103954) hold liquid for easy watercolouring.

Use with Watercolour Paper (#122959) or Shimmery White Cardstock (#101910) and Classic Stampin’ Ink.

* 2 painters: 1 medium brush tip, 1 large brush tip
* Reservoir in painter holds 8 cc of liquid

You can blend colours and make them as light as you want or as dark as you want – just like you used to paint when you were a kid! And…if you hate licking envelopes, use your Aqua Painter for a no-mess way to close all those envelopes (like at Christmas time!) in half the time and with no bad taste in your mouth!


Click here to order "On Line"

Click here to order “On Line”







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