To Clean Photopolymer Stamps

To Clean Photopolymer Stamps

When you first get a Photopolymer Stamp set, the stamps are very, very sticky so you might think that you may never have to clean Photopolymer Stamps!  They are sometimes difficult to pull off the window sheet containing the images but they certainly stick to the clear blocks.  After you’ve used, and cleaned, the stamps a number of times you may find that they lose this sticky characteristic and begin to fall off the clear blocks.  This photo, from the catalogue, shows a number of ways that using Photopolymer stamps makes stamping easy!

To Clean Photopolymer Stamps

Don’t despair, all you need to do is “wash” the stamps!  That’s right, simply take the stamps off the window sheet in the stamp case and, with the stopper securely inserted in the sink, “wash” your stamps.  The best way to do this is to add liquid dish soap to warm water and, using your hands, simply rub both sides of the stamps.  Lay them on a dish towel to dry. Once they dry (I usually leave them on the towel overnight.) you can put them back on the window sheet containing the images!

NOTE:  Make sure you have ALL of the stamps from the set before removing the sink stopper – many stamps are tiny and could easily slip down the drain!!


  1. Marilyn Wagner (Post author)

    I hope you had fun washing your stamps, Karen!

  2. Karen Yeomans

    Thanks Marilyn, this is an awesome tip! I’ve used photo polymer stamps since Stampin’ Up started selling them and I’ve never tried this. Off to the sink I go 😊 I’m sure this will be more satisfying than washing dishes, although I guess we do have to eat too 😉

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