Filling Friday with Fun Activities – Jan 15/21

I hope you are Filling Friday with Fun Activities! If you had an extra hour today, what would you do? My answer to this question is “I would sew on my quilting project!” I love crafts of all kinds. When a friend asked if I would like to attend a quilting class with her, I was delighted!! These are some of the projects I’ve completed. Notice the Stampin’ Up! fabric used in some of the pictures!

I’ve completed many small quilting projects and a few larger ones as you can see by these pictures. My favourite ones are gifts for special events in our family!

I’ve noticed similarities between quilting and card making. You can see that here and here.

I’m always looking for other ideas. I’d love to know if you’ve tried your hand at crafts other than paper crafting. Now it’s your turn to share how you are Filling Friday with Fun Activities!!

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