It’s A Great Time To Be Your Own Boss!

It’s A Great Time To Be Your Own Boss!


During this time of uncertainty,

take time to reflect on the positives in your business

and be thankful for what you have.


It’s a great time to be your own boss!

  1. You Control Your Own Destiny – set a goal, work to achieve it and enjoy the results!
  2. You Can Find Your Own Work/Life Balance – set working hours around family time – enjoy a “win-win” situation.
  3. You Choose the People You Work With – you can work alone, part-time or full time with a trusted employee/friend.
  4. You Take on the Risk – And Reap the Rewards – sometimes the rewards are small (seeing a new customer be delighted with their creation!) and sometimes the rewards are huge (earning an all-expense paid trip!) but no matter what the reward is, you know you’ve taken a risk and succeeded.
  5. You Can Challenge Yourself – keep learning new things each day and you’ll keep many “old age” things away for a long time.
  6. You Can Follow Your Passion – be excited to wake up and get going every day while doing what you love!
  7. You Can Get Things Done – Faster – be proactive and, after having your “one on one meeting with yourself”, made a decision!
  8. You Can Connect With Your Customers – whether you get together individually, at a class or online, you’ll always have fun and learn from each other.
  9. You Can Give Back to Your Community – being able to set your own schedule, budget and projects allows you to share your talents for the betterment of your community
  10. You Feel Pride in Building Something of Your Own – whether you continue for 1 year or many years, you’ll be proud of building something of your own.



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