National Pie Day – December 1

National Pie Day – December 1

Each year on December 1, dessert lovers across the United States & Canada, I’m sure,

enjoy a slice of their favorite on National Pie Day. I know this will be a favourite day of my hubby!

Take away ice cream as a dessert choice and most people are either cake people or pie people.  Or to put it another way, most people have cake or pie with their ice cream!  Combine bumper crops from our gardens and fruit trees with a booming holiday season full of baked goods, cool weather and rosy-cheeked children; it’s time to tie on those apron strings and get baking.

Of course, we aren’t limited to dessert.  Savory pot pies provide comfort on a cold winters day and the satisfaction a family cook needs when caring for a family.

What is your favourite kind of pie?  Mine is Pecan Pie – I don’t dare make it in our kitchen because I’m sure I would eat the entire pie!!


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