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Tool Tip Thursday – Adhesive On Small Pieces Of Cardstock

Have you wondered how to apply adhesive to those small pieces like the eyes of the owl or other punch art projects?

A suggestion is to use the 2 Way Glue Pen (Item #100425), a very versatile adhesive.

When applied to paper, the glue is blue and will dry clear. This color changing glue can be used as a permanent or temporary adhesive.

1. Permanent:  When assembling smaller pieces of paper for a project, like in punch art, the 2 Way Glue Pen can come in handy.  The chisel tip makes it easy to get the right amount of glue onto your project and if you want glitter in a specific area only, the chisel tip allows precise placement.

2. Temporary:  Turn a wooden skewer into a “pick up stick” by applying the glue to the tip of the skewer.  When the glue has dried clear, the skewer will pick up your smaller pieces easily and allow you to place them exactly where you want them on your project.  No more struggling with picking up small pieces and having sticky fingers!

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