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Tool Tip Thursday – Cleaning your Stampin’ Scrub?

Yes, you can clean your Stampin’ Scrub (#126200) easily!

Every once in a while, you should clean the pads of your Stampin’ Scrub so that it’s easier to clean your stamps and your fingers won’t get dirty as you clean your stamps. It’s easy to do.

Here’s how:
To remove the cleaning pads, all you need to do is place a bone folder or similar tool under the pad so that you can slip the pad out from under the little tabs along two of the sides.

Run the pads under water in your kitchen sink until they run clear.

DO NOT put the pads in your dishwasher as they will warp!

Let the pads sit on a paper towel until they are dry. This will take a few hours or over night.

Carefully replace the pads by placing one side under the tabs and gently curling the pad till you can get the other side under the opposite tabs.

Remember to replace the pads in such a way that you can still see the wet and dry symbols.

Tool Tip Thursday – Threading Baker’s Twine

Have you ever struggled with how to get the Baker’s Twine, thread or ribbon through button holes?

Here are a couple of suggestions:

1. Make a “bunny ear” bow and attach on top of the button with a glue dot.

2. Use a dental floss threader.  Intended to help you floss under braces, crowns, implants and bridges, it has a place in every crafter’s tool kit.  It works like a flexible needle with an oversized eye. To use, simply thread twine, thread, or ribbon through the eye then use it just as you would a needle to thread the twine, thread or ribbon through the button holes.

How easy is that??

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