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United Through Creativity Digital Download

May 21 has been recognized as World Day of Cultural Diversity by the United Nations in 2002. Each year since then, efforts are made by organizations throughout the world to highlight the importance of diversity and cultural contributions by all groups and civilizations. 

Diversity PDF

As we know, Stampin’ Up! is present in several markets around the globe and has a way to bring people together and connect through a shared passion for crafting and creativity. 

This year, Stampin’ Up! has decided to honour this day by releasing an exclusive, multicultural, multilingual digital download that is free for all to enjoy. This 13-page document contains sentiments and images that represent specific aspects of the cultural diversity in all the markets.  It allows paper crafters around the world to create beautiful projects that truly showcase what makes their language and culture unique, while also helping connect with fellow card makers of diverse origins by getting a glimpse into each other’s cultures.

The United Through Creativity digital download also serves as a reminder of one of Stampin’ Up!’s core values: We Care About People First, and that no matter where we are from, or what language we speak, we can always connect through creativity. 

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