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Struggling to clean your stamps? Here’s a solution!

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Recently I was asked this question:  What is the best way to clean my stamps?  I have been using Baby Wipes.  They work “okay” on my photopolymer but not as good on the red rubber. 

ANSWER:  That’s a great question!  Did you know that most Baby Wipes have lanolin in them?  This can stick to the red rubber after it’s been used for a while.  I would usually recommend the Stampin’ Mist [153648] together with the Stampin’ Scrub [126200].  Together they both clean all stamps very well.

Stampin' Scrub
Stampin’ Scrub [126200]

Over time you will need to clean the Stampin’ Scrub.  To do that simply take it to the kitchen sink, pour a little dishwashing detergent, and scrub with a brush.  Run water over both pads until the water runs clear.  I hang mine over the center divider of the sink and let it air dry.  You can speed up the drying process by drying with paper towels but if you can leave it overnight, there’s no need to use paper towels.  

The Stampin’ Mist has glycerine in it to help moisturize your stamps.  If you are only using water on the Stampin’ Scrub there’s a good chance that you’ll create unwanted splatters around your project, but that doesn’t happen with the Stampin’ Mist as it’s a bit thicker than water! 

Stampin' Mist - Small
Stampin’ Mist [153648]
Simply Shammy

You can also use the Simple Shammy [147042]. Use water with the Shammy, be aware that some of the ink can get on your hands! 

This is really the best tool to use when you are using the Stamparatus.  Wipe off the stamps that are on the Stamparatus Plates with the Shammy before removing them. 

The Shammy is easily cut in half so it’s easier to handle when cleaning stamps on the Stamparatus.

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